Archive | May, 2012

Bed Bugs Are Back at Hempfield Towers!

29 May

Senior housing Hempfield Towers was re-infested by bed bugs. Authorities scheduled a mandatory inspection to all of its units in response to the recent outbreak.


Bed Bugs Seen in the Capital’s DOH Office

22 May

Bed bugs has infested the capital’s health department. The pests were seen thrice in DC’s DOH office.

Bed Bugs Discovered in 34 of 64 Northern Kentucky Hotels

21 May

In Northern Kentucky, more than half of the hotels were affected by bed bugs. Since May 2010, 34 of its 64 hotels were subjects of bed bug complaints.

Sioux Falls Gets Ahead of Bed Bugs

15 May

Sioux Falls, South Dakota got only a minimal bed bug problem. However, that did not stop the city to take steps to prevent the increase of bed bug cases.

Bed Bugs Got Benjamin Hooks Job Corps Center Students Protesting

14 May

Not enough action regarding the bed bug infestation in Benjamin Hooks Corps Job Center led students to protesting. Wanting to help resolve the problem, advised officials to ditch the use of chemicals and opt the use of pesticide-exempt bed bug spray.

Bed Bug Treatment Turned Bad, Caused Gas Break -Out

8 May

A bed bug treatment in one Michigan apartment complex brought breathing problems to the residents. suggested the use of safe bed bug spray to avoid similar incident.