Archive | August, 2012

Car Free Cities May Be Infested With Bed Bugs

22 Aug

Just found an update on some travelers getting bed bugs traveling abroad internationally. Car Free City US posted some great information on helping folks out and which cities to be aware of.


FAQ Help Site From Bed Bug Bully

17 Aug

Got questions and need help with bed bugs? Check out the new bed bug bully help center. Deals on Bed Bug Bully and answers to your bed bug questions from the professionals.

[Procedures] How To Look For Bed Bugs

8 Aug

Saw a great procedures list from some bed bug professionals on how to look for bed bugs. Be sure to download the PDF (no email needed) and read their check list on the blog.

How To Eliminate Bed Bugs Without Spending $1,000’s

6 Aug

A nice guide and procedure list from some exterminators in the industry to help some folks out with a bed bug problem. They also talk about bed bug bully which is good to see.

Would a Exterminator For Bed Bugs That Doesn’t Use Pesticide Work?

3 Aug

New alternatives for getting rid of bed bugs. Find out costs and how to get rid of bed bugs without pesticides.

Wonder What Bed Bugs Look Like?

2 Aug

Gallery of bed bug photos that go into what bed bugs look like and full blueprint on getting rid of them. A very nice guide to follow if you have bed bugs.