Archive | October, 2012

Bed Bugs Vamp Up in Ohio

30 Oct

Bed bug cases increases in Ohio. Learn how you can help prevent its farther spread.


Bed Bugs in Court…For a Meal Not a Case

26 Oct

Bed bugs were sighted in a Cook County Chicago courthouse. Find out what’s the best product use eliminate the pests.

Bullied Because of Bed Bugs…Here’s How to Bully the Bugs Instead

24 Oct

Students living in an apartment complex with history of bed bugs were picked on. Find out how you can block the pests and prevent that bullying from happening to your children.

Bed Bugs in Theatre… Sneaky Show Stoppers!

19 Oct

A bed bug infestation was found in one Upper West Side theatre. One was canceled because of it.

Bed Bug Population Levels Up in Charlotte!

15 Oct

More and more people suffer from bed bug infestation in Charlotte, North Carolina. Know how you can protect yourself from becoming the next bed bug victim.

12 Oct

A single tick bite changed Nick Bohler’s life for the worse. It gave him Lyme disease that marred his life.
http://Tick Bite Turned Athlete’s Life Around – You Wouldn’t Want It Happening to You

Students Out… Bed Bugs In

8 Oct

Bed bugs invaded a number of apartments in one University of Maryland on-campus dormitory. Find the best non-toxic bed bug spray today.