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Ultrasonic Devices Tested Ineffective On Bed Bugs

18 Dec

A test had proven that ultrasonic devices are ineffective in keeping bed bugs away. Find out what you should use instead.


Bed Bugs Strike University of Washington and Hastings-on-Hudson Libraries

8 Dec

Reported cases of bed bugs in libraries increased in the past few years. Find out the best help you can get to eliminate bed bugs in a library and anywhere else.

Bed Bugs – Your Solution Could Be the Problem!

1 Dec

Your choice of bed bug product could bring you more problem than help. Read more to find the best bed bug elimination help.

Bed Bug Pill? Will You Take the Risk?

16 Nov

A study has discovered that a certain called Stromectol could kill bed bugs. However, the said drug also presents several health risks.

Bed Bugs Can Populate Even With Just 5 Minutes of Feeding!

12 Nov

Bed bugs still produce eggs even if they feed for just five minutes in one week. Discover more about their fertility and widespread.

More Suffer From Rare Meat Allergy Tied With Lone Star Ticks

10 Nov

More people are suffering from the rare meat allergy linked with lone star ticks. And worse, its affecting residents even outside the regions where lone star ticks are not present.

More Bed Bugs Surges to San Francisco Hotels

2 Nov

More bed bugs are showing up in San Francisco hotels. Learn how you can protect yourself from becoming their next victim.